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Xi'an Tours

Xi'an Tours

Xi'an is a famous and unobtainable tourist city, which integrates the past and the present into one. If you are going to make a tour in China it won't do not to go to Beijing. However, if you are not going to Xi'an it must be considered regret. Especially the huge arrays of army formation in the Museum of Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses are sure to be the precious treasure rarely seen in one's lifetime. A Chinese proverb goes like this: "Hearing it a hundred times is no better than seeing it once" or just" Seeing is believing. " Why not go to Xi'an and enjoy it for yourself!

Located in the central south of Shanxi Province, south of the Weihe River and north of the Qinling Mountain, Xi’anwas called "Chang' an" in ancient times. As one of the six ancient capitals in China, it was capital of 12 dynasties early or late in the past. In addition, it is one of the important cradles of Chinese ancient civilization in the Yellow River area and one of the four ancient capitals in the world with the other three being Athens, Roman and Cairo. As the earliest capital of the nation, Xi'an also ranks first nationwide in terms of the number of dynasties and years which witnessed it as the capital. Now, it is capital of Shanxi Province and the biggest city in northwest China. With abundant historical relics and cultural heritages, Xi'an is naturally regarded as a history museum of Chinese ancient society.

Half-Day Terracotta Army Small Group Tour

Tour Type: Small Group of 1-6 travelers

This tour will take you to discover the Terracotta Army, the most essential site of Xian in half a day in small groups of less than 6 people with an English-speaking tour guide;100% No Shopping Sites; All the sightseeings, transfer service, guide and lunch are included. ...

2 Days Xi'an Classic Small Group Tour

Tour Type: Small Group of 1-6 travelers

Well show you the essence of Xian in two days. You will be in a group of less than 6 people with the English-speaking guide service. Xians beautiful sites and specialties are included; 100% No Shopping Sites; All the sightseeings, transfer service, guide and lunch are included. ...

One Day Xi'an Essence Small Group Tour

Tour Type: Small Group of 1-6 travelers

In one day you will discover the most important sites in Xian in small groups of less than 6 people. The sites include the Terracotta Army, Ancient City Wall of Xian and the Muslim Quarter.100% No Shopping Sites; All the sightseeings, transfer service, guide and lunch are included ...

One Day Xi'an Essence Tour

Tour Type: Private Tour with Exclusive Tour Guide and Driver

You will discover the most beautiful treasures and of Xian in this one day tour with our professional tour guide. Glorious for its history, this former capital has so many remains. ...

2 Days Xi'an Highlights Tour

Tour Type: Private Tour with Exclusive Tour Guide and Driver

In this 2-day tour, you will visit many emblematic sites of the historic city of Xian, including the famous Terracotta Army that have guarded the tomb of the Emperor Qinshihuang for thousand years, the Shaanxi Provincial Museum with the specificity of objects belonging to several ...

3 Days Xi'an Classic Tour

Tour Type: Private Tour with Exclusive Tour Guide and Driver

Este tour abarca las atracciones principales en Xi an, como el Guerreros de Terracota y Gran Pagoda del Ganso Salvaje. Al visitar estos sitios histricos, obtendr una visin de la antigua ciudad capital. ...

4 Days Xi'an and Mount Hua Tour

Tour Type: Privado Tour con guía turístico y vehículo privado

This tour offers you the great opportunity to discover the historical heritages in Xian. You will visit the Terracotta Army and walk along the Ancient City Wall. In the meantime, you can enjoy an excursion to Mount Hua, one of Chinas five sacred mountains and you will be impressed ...

How to plan a trip to Xian

How to reach Xian:

Xian is in the center of China. The transportation is very convenient. By train, plane and bus, you can easily get to Xian. In addition, there are also a lot of airline with foreign countries.

Avoid visiting during Chinese holidays:

During Chinese holidays, there are plenty of tourists in Xian. Do not visit during Chinese holidays, especially the Labor Day (the 1st to 3rd of May) and the National Day (the 1st to 7th of October).

What to see in Xian:

Xian is a paradise for exciting travelers to history. There are many historical sites, for example Terracotta Army, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Ancient City Wall, Muslim Quarter etc.

General Introduction of Xi'an

Xi'an is the provincial capital of Shaanxi Province. It consists of nine municipal districts and a rural county, covering a total area of 9,983 square kilometres, and has a population of more than 10.37 million, of whom 1.46 million are classified as urban residents.

Called Chang'an in the old days, Xi'an is one of the seven ancient cities in China which can dates back more than 3,000 years. It has not only a long history but has been the capital city of many feudal dynasties at different times in Chinese history. Ever since the 11th century B. C. , there has been thirteen dynasties of Western Zhou, Qin, Western Han, Xin Mang, Eastern Han, Western Jin, Former Zhao, Former Qin, Later Qin, Western Wei and Northern Zhou as well as Sui and Tang dynasties that established their political centers here.

Xi'an, located along the bank of the Wei River in Shaanxi Province, is an important strategic point and a communication hub between the great northwest and the central China as it faces the Qinling Mountain Range in its front and the Tongguan Pass to the east. And so it is known as with the fantastic topographical terrain under the heaven.

As the starting point of the famous "Silk Road", Xi'an became the hub of international communication between China and the outside world from the Han Dynasty. From here commodities from the inland of China went transported to various places of central Asia, and even directly to the Mediterranean Sea and Europe. It played an important part in promoting economic and cultural exchanges between China of the Han and later epochs on the one hand and the countries of southern and western Asia and Europe on the other.

This role of the city reached its peak during the Tang Dynasty, when foreign residents including diplomatic envoys, students, priests and merchants are known to have taken up their abode here; a number of anecdotes are still popular today about the foreigners of the time. The important position occupied by the city in the past accounts for the great wealth of historical relics and monuments in Xi'an and its vicinities.

The modern city of Xi'an is the continuation of that in the long past. It is not only a city of importance controlling China's great west but also a frontier post in realizing the strategic target of the development of the northwest. Xi'an, aside from many such sites and attractions of historical and cultural interest as Big and Small Wild Goose Pagodas, Bell and Drum Towers, Shaanxi Provincial Museum, Museum of Stone Steles, Neolithic Museum of Banpo Village, Museum of Qin Terracotta Figures, Huaqing Hot Spring at the foothill of Lishan Mountain and the Great Mosque located in the Huajue Lane and so on, that are left over from ancient times, is one of the bases for developing the sophisticated science and technology — aeronautics and astronautics in China. In addition, Xi'an is still the central point of the standard time of China, the core of the Beijing Standard Time.

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