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China History & Culture Tours

Chinese Culture & History Tour

Starting with the artifacts of Peking man, the Chinese people have, in their long history, created many priceless cultural relics that are today tourist attractions. In 1958 the Chinese government promulgated a list of 55 72 cultural sites or items to be maintained and preserved for posterity. The list was enlarged by 62 in 1982. There are in China today six ancient capitals, namely Xi'an, Luoyang, Nanjing, Kaifeng, Beijing, and Hangzhou. There are imperial mausoleums scattered across China, such as the tomb of the Yellow Emperor, the tomb of the First Emperor of Qin, tombs of Han Dynasty emperors and of Tang Dynasty emperors, all in Shaanxi Province; the tomb of the first Ming Dynasty emperor in Nanjing; the thirteen Ming Tombs in Beijing; the East Tombs and North Tombs of the Qing Dynasty in Shenyang; and the East Tombs of Qing in Ziinhua and West Tombs of Qing in Yixian County, both located in Hebei Province. There are, of course, the terra cotta soldiers and horses recently unearthed from the tomb of the First Emperor of Qin in Shaanxi, besides the Han tombs of Mawangdui uncovered in Changsha. All these, as listed above, are part of China's cultural heritage now becoming world famous.

Ancient Chinese also left us great architecture and grand constructions. There are, for example, the Great Wall, hailed as one of the wonders of the world; the Dujiang Dam of Sichuan Province which is more than two thousand years old; Hebei Province's Zhaozhou Bridge, another ancient relic more than 1,3 00 years old; the Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven in Beijing and the Spirit Valley (Linggu) Temple in Nanjing, all of which are architectural gems among ancient buildings; and last but not the least, the eight hundred-year-old gardens in Suzhou where pagodas, pavilions, and other buildings are blended artistically with trees, bushes, flowers, and man-made hills and lakes to form a standard of elegance in garden design. As for religious art, the representative works are the Thousand-Buddha Cave in Dunhuang, the Yungang Grottos in Datong, and the Longmen Grottos in Luoyang.

Based on our experience and feedback from our customers, Young's China Travel has designed several tours focused on culture and history of China. These itineraries are spread over periods of 8-16 days and also include interesting activities. If you want to make a unique trip according to your interests, we can plan a tailor-made tour for you.

8 Days China Golden Triangle Tour


This tour is recommended for travelers who come to China for the first time, which includes three of the most popular tourist destinations in China: Imperial Beijing, ancient Xi'an and modern Shanghai. It takes the shortest time to have authentic Chinese experience.
No ...

12 Days China Kung Fu Tour


China is Shaolin's Kung Fu cradle, and this tour will take you to Temple Shaolin where monks still practice their martial arts. You will also visit the Forbidden City, take cruise on the picturesque Li River, and enjoy the modern of Shanghai that are impressive for your trip i ...

12 Days Northern China Exploration Tour


In this tour you will enjoy the ancient cities of northern China from Datong, which is famous for the Yungang Grottoes, to Pingyao, where you can see the history of the ancient merchants of Shanxi Province via exploration of extreme luxury courtyards. Wisdom and culture of the Chi ...

Tailor-made Your Trip to China

With over 10 years of experience in organizing China's trips, we create tailor-made tours with quality services, leaving each of our travellers with inexhaustible memories.We are a local travel agency in China, that offers us an intimate knowledge of the destination, a mastery of our tours from A to Z and without intermediaries, thus offering you the possibility of creating a totally personalized trip, with quality services, at a controlled cost.