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Guilin Tours

Guilin Tours

Guilin is a charming city with magnificent peaks and rivers, beautiful rocks, and fantastic caves. It has some of the most beautiful scenery in all of China. Today Guilin has a population of 5.34 million and an area of 27809 sq. km. It is in the northeast section of Guangxi (Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region) on the western bank of Li Jiang (Li River).

Since 1949 Guilin has become an industrial center producing pharmaceutical products, tires, machinery, fertilizers, silk, cotton material, and many others. Secondary industries include wine, candy, and bamboo chopsticks. The city is noted for its profusion of flowering cassia trees which have a strong, sweet scent. There are many by-products of the cassia: perfume, wine, tea, cinnamon, and herbal medicine.

Guilin is perhaps most famous for its karst landscape which has been the subject of many paintings and poems. This phenomenon is created by the erosion of limestones which forms steep hills, underground channels, and caverns. The Li River, Guilin’s main waterway, winds among clusters of steep hills which seem to rise abruptly out of the ground. The smooth meandering river, flanked by occasional green meadows and sheer cliffs, is a lovely sight.

Guilin's hills rise perpendicularly from level ground into groups of exotic-shaped pinnacles, each one different. Nearly all have caves and every cave is unique. The stalactites and stalagmites in myriad shapes, sizes, and combinations fascinate old and young alike. Along the Li Jiang, between Guilin and Yangshuo, the green hills on both banks, merging with their reflections in the placid blue waters, have always inspired artists, poets, and photographers.

Enough cannot be said about the beauty of Guilin and its surrounding countryside. It must be seen to be believed.

Please follow our classic tours in Guilin to discover the picturesque landscape of Guilin, Yangshuo and Longsheng or you might not hesitate to make your own tailor-made trip in Guilin with us. All tours are flexible, private and at the best price!

One Day Li River Cruise Seat-in-Coach (Bus) Group Tour

Tour Type: Seat-in-Coach (Bus) Group

Connecting with Guilin by the Li River, Yangshuo is one of Chinas best-known and most popular tourist attractions. This group tour offer extraordinary, bucolic and green landscapes of the Li River, the town of Yangshuo and its surroundings to visitors. ...

One Day Li River Cruise Tour

Tour Type: Private Tour with Exclusive Tour Guide and Driver

In this 1 day tour, you will have Li River Cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo. Yangshuo, located 65 km south of Guilin, is one of Chinas best-known and most popular tourist destinations. Considered by tourists as the extension of Guilin, to which it is connected by the Li River, Yangs ...

One Day Guilin City Highlight Tour

Tour Type: Private Tour with Exclusive Tour Guide and Driver

In this tour you will visit the most popular attraction in the City of Guilin, including Elephant Trunk Hill, Fubo Hill, Seven Star Park, Reed Flute Cave. ...

One Day Longji Rice Terraces Tour

Tour Type: Private Tour with Exclusive Tour Guide and Driver

In this 1 day tour, you can explore the Rice Terrace of Longsheng, the work of local inhabitants of the Yao and Zhuang minorities and experience traditional ethnic culture. ...

One Day Longji Rice Terraces Seat-in-Coach (Bus) Group Tour

Tour Type: Seat-in-Coach (Bus) Group

The rice terraces in Longji are still one of the most important sites in Guilin. You will have a day of group visit to discover the rice fields and villages of the Zhuang nationality. ...

4 Days Essence of Guilin and Yangshuo Tour

Tour Type: Private Tour with Exclusive Tour Guide and Driver

This tour will fulfill your dream of escaping the noisy city and take you to the enchanting hills and water in Guilin. In these 4 days, you are immersed in the breathtaking beauty of the Li River, feel the local culture in Yangshuo and admire the unique karst geomorphology. ...

5 Days Guilin, Longsheng and Yangshuo Tour

Tour Type: Private Tour with Exclusive Tour Guide and Driver

This tour selects the most popular attractions in Guilin, Yangshuo and Longsheng, including charming Longji Rice Terraces, picturesque River Li and characteristic Reed Flute Cave. The best months to visit Longsheng Rice Terrace are from May to July, September and October. ...

4 Days Yangshuo Tour

Tour Type: Private Tour with Exclusive Tour Guide and Driver

We will show you Yangshuo in a different way. In this tour you will take a raft cruise on the Li River and Yulong River of Yangshuo, walk along the Li River to admire its beautifully shaped limestone hills, see bamboo forests, cycle in the countryside, and enter into the local vil ...

7 Days Guilin, Yangshuo, Longsheng and Sanjiang Tour

Tour Type: Private Tour with Exclusive Tour Guide and Driver

Guilin is a famous tourist city in southwest China. There are beautiful natural landscapes and ethnic minorities. The Li River, the Reed Flute Cave, the Longji Rice Terraces, a visit to the countryside by bike in Yangshuo and Dong villages in Sanjiang are included in this itinerar ...

5 Days Guilin Hiking Tour

Tour Type: Private Tour with Exclusive Tour Guide and Driver

Discover beautiful natural landscapes on foot along the banks of the Li River and in the Longji Rice Terraces. Experience another exceptional angle to feel the charm of this beautiful region. ...

General Introduction of Guilin

Located in the northeast of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Guilin covers an area of 27,800 square kilometers. Guilin has a population of 5.34 million and is home to more than 10 ethnic groups, such as Han, Zhuang, Miao, Yao, Hui and Dong.

Guilin is a world-famous scenic city. It boasts unrivalled karst landforms, green mountains, exquisite waters, weird caves and beauti- ful rocks. Since ancient times, Guilin enjoys the reputation of having the country's most beautiful scenery. Guilin has a pleasant climate, with less snow in winter and flowers all the year round. The best travel sea son is from April to October. The Lijiang River, the mother river of the people in Guilin, belongs to the Pearl River system, and is one of the Land Rivers with the best water in China, as well as the representative of the landscapes in Guilin

Thanks to the large-scale construction and transformation, Guilin now has had the new features of a modern international tourism city, and has formed a perfect and advanced transport network. Tourists can go to visit Guilin by air, train or bus. Guiling is welcoming domestic and foreign tourists with advanced transport, post and telecommunications facilities, and excellent service.

When is the best time to visit Guilin?

It is possible to visit Guilin all year, each season offering unique landscapes as beautiful as each other.

Although the most popular period is between April and October when the weather is nice, and the winter season can also offer an interesting alternative, because the prices will be much lower there than in high season. Please avoid the period of national holidays (May 1st to 3rd and October 1st to 7th) due to the very large number of Chinese tourists.

When are Longji Rice Terraces golden?

Generally Longji Rice Terraces are golden when the rice is ready for harvest, at the end of September and beginning of October. Due to the national day of the first week of October, the last week of September will be the best time to visit the rice fields.

Can you visit Guilin with your family?

Of course, there are many activities for young children and your family, for example:

Learn Chinese painting techniques from a local artist

Visit countryside and help local farmers with their farm activities

Explore the Yangshuo by cycling and take a bamboo rafting on the Yulong River…

Tailor-made Your Trip to China

With over 10 years of experience in organizing China's trips, we create tailor-made tours with quality services, leaving each of our travellers with inexhaustible memories.We are a local travel agency in China, that offers us an intimate knowledge of the destination, a mastery of our tours from A to Z and without intermediaries, thus offering you the possibility of creating a totally personalized trip, with quality services, at a controlled cost.